Warpsmith and Ex-Techmarine of the Void Angels chapter


Techmarine Temeluchus

“Yours is to heed the machine as others heed their kin. Tend to the war spirits all about, but do so in the knowledge that you do the Emperor’s Omnissiah’s duty. Without your ministrations, no bolt may be fired, and no enemy slain.”
— Extract from the Apocrypha of Eons, Verse III, Chapter CIV

Note: The items below in bold are not part of the Forsaken Archetype, which was used as the basis for this character. I have attempted to ‘convert’ the Techmarine Specialty from Deathwatch into the Black Crusade rules. Anything not actually found in the Black Crusade rules is shown in italics, and can be found in the Deathwatch rules.

Weapon Skill: 60 Ballistics Skill: 50 Strength: 45(75) Toughness: 45 Agility: 50 Intelligence: 73 Perception: 50 Willpower: 55 Fellowship: 40
Infamy: 54 Wounds: 24 Corruption: 25

Acrobatics, Athletics, Awareness, Charm, Common Lore: (Adeptus Mechanicus, War, Tech), Deceive, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, The Horus Heresy, The Long War, Archeotech), Linguistics (Low Gothic, Techna-Lingua), Logic, Navigate (Surface), Operate (Aeronautica, Surface), Parry, Security, Survival, Tech-Use+20, Trade (Technomat, Armourer)

Special Abilities
Resourceful: +10 to Infamy Tests when obtaining items with Availability of Rare or lower.

Binaric Curse: With a few muttered words of technoarcane power, a Warpsmith can place a malediction upon a weapon, making it recoil against its wielder. As a Half Action, a Warpsmith may spend an Infamy Point to curse one weapon or other contraption of roughly equal complexity within 10 metres. If it is a weapon, it gains the Overheats or Unbalanced Weapon Quality until the end of the encounter. If it is another piece of technology, it falters or fails in some way (as determined by the GM).

Cybernetic Dominion: A Warpsmith rules over his cybernetic thralls with an iron fist, and their loyalty to him is stronger than the curse-wrought steel that girds them. A Warpsmith’s Minions that possess the Machine Trait gain +10 Loyalty.

Master of Metamorphosis: Warpsmiths are masters of the profane rites of forging unique and terrifying Daemon Engines to suit their own insane ends. Once an appropriate shell for a Daemon Engine is obtained, a Warpsmith can fashion the vehicle into a more suitable form to house a creature of the Warp, thereby granting a +10 Sympathy Modifier during the Ritual of Binding. The time required to forge this construct is subject to the Warpsmith’s designs and the resources available, and additional Skill Tests might be required as the GM sees fit. Further, a Warpsmith can spend an Infamy Point to commune with a captive Machine Spirit when attempting to channel the Daemon into its new form, granting an additional +20 Bonus to the Binding Ritual.

(For talents, I took the three Talents from Deathwatch (shown in italics) rather than the standard four talents from the Forsaken archetype.)

Ambidextrous, Armourmonger, Bulging Biceps, Fearless, Foresight, Hatred (Loyal Astartes), Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Hotshot Pilot, Legion Weapon Training, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Cold, Heat & Poisons), Unarmed Warrior, Master Enginseer (Tech Use +10), Mechadendrite Use (Servo-Arm), Mechanicus Implants, Electro-Graft Use (Inquiry, Tech Use, Common Knowledge +10), True Grit, Weapon-Tech


Amphibious, Unnatural Strength (4), Unnatural Toughness (4)

As far as starting gear goes, I have traded out the Forsaken Archetype’s starting gear of Legion Chainsword, and Legion Shotgun, with 2 clips, for a Legion Power Axe, with the GM’s approval.

Legionnaire Power Armour – operational sub-systems: Auto-senses, Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer, Vox Link, Magnetized Boot Soles, Sustainable Power Source, Storm Shield (PR 55, OV -1/-3, Def. 10) Legionnaire Bolter with 4 magazines, Legion Power Axe, Legionnaire Combat Knife, 4 Legion Frag Grenades, Mechanicus Servo-Arm (as part of power armor), Mind Impulse Unit, 2 Krak Grenades, 1 Melta-Bomb, Astartes Plasma Cannon w/Plasma Canister, Astartes Inferno Gun (with ammo)

|Class: Melee|Damage: 2d10+14+7|Type: Impact|Pen:10|
|Range: 1.5m|ROF: N/A|Clip: N/A|Reload: N/A|
|Special Rules: Strength 75, Unnatural Strength: (+7)|Minimum Damage: 23

Astartes Plasma Cannon
|Class: Heavy|Damage: 2d10+12E|Type: Energy|Pen:10|
|Range: 150m|ROF: S/-/-|Clip: 16|Reload: 5 Full|
|Special Rules: Blast (3), Maximal, Overheats|

Astartes Strom Shield
|PR: 55|OV: -1/-3|Def.: 10

Pride: Logic ( +5 Intelligence, -5 Perception)
Disgrace: Dread ( +5 Perception, -5 Willpower)
Motivation: Innovation (Starting Corruption +2, +3 Intelligence, -2 Wounds)

Gifts of the Gods
Wreathed in Chaos (+10 Interaction tests w/fellow Disciples of the Dark Gods, +10 Intimidate w/all others)

Experience Point Log:

Total XP earned = 27,335
Total XP spent = 16,850
Unspent XP = 7,685

Willpower, simple advance ( 5), 250 Xp, Tzeentch
Ballistic Skill, Simple advance ( +5), 250 Xp, Unaligned
Common Lore – Tech, 200 Xp, Unaligned
Forbidden Lore – Archaeotech, 200 Xp, Tzeentch
Trade – Technomat, 200 Xp, Unaligned
Charm, 100 Xp, Slaanesh
Deceive, 100 Xp, Slaanesh
Tech-Use, +10, 350 Xp, Unaligned
Weapon-Tech, 200 Xp, Unaligned
Fearless, 300 Xp, Nurgle
True Grit, 400 Xp, Nurgle
Trade – Armourer, 200 Xp, Unaligned
Armourmonger, 500 Xp, Unaligned
Hatred – Loyal Astartes, 300 Xp, Khorne
Tech-Use, +20, 500 Xp, Unaligned
Willpower, Intermediate advance ( +10), 500 Xp, Tzeentch
Logic, 250 Xp, Tzeentch
Master Enginseer, 750 Xp, Unaligned
Infamy (
5), 500 Xp, Unaligned
Operate Aeronautica, 200 Xp, Unaligned
Foresight, 500 Xp, Tzeentch

Lesser Minion of Chaos (Servo-Skull 000), 250 Xp, Unaligned
WS 01 BS 01 S 04 T 04 A 20 P 30 I 30 W 05 F 05
Loyalty 40
Traits: Hoverer (4), Machine (1), Size (2)
Talents: Awareness, Tech-use, Scrutiny, Trade (Technomat)
Gear: Auspex, Vox, Combi-tool

Lesser Minion of Chaos (Servo-Skull 001), 250 Xp, Unaligned
WS 01 BS 01 S 04 T 04 A 20 P 30 I 30 W 05 F 05
Loyalty 40
Traits: Hoverer (4), Machine (1), Size (2)
Talents: Awareness, Tech-use, Scrutiny, Trade (Technomat)
Gear: Auspex, Vox, Combi-tool

Ballistic Skill, Intermediate advance (10), 500 Xp, Unaligned
Willpower, Trained advance (
15), 750 Xp, Tzeentch
Toughness, Simple advance ( 5), 250 Xp, Nurgle
Hotshot Pilot, 500 Xp, Unaligned
Intimidate, 200 Xp, Nurgle
Toughness, Intermediate advance ( +10), 500 Xp, Nurgle
Disturbing Voice, 250 Xp, Nurgle
Die Hard, 250 Xp, Nurgle
Hardy, 250 Xp, Nurgle
Iron Jaw, 250 Xp, Nurgle
Jaded, 250 Xp, Nurgle
Mighty Shot, 750 Xp, Nurgle
Sound Constitution (
1), 250 Xp, Nurgle
Sound Constitution (2), 250 Xp, Nurgle
Sound Constitution (
3), 250 Xp, Nurgle
Sound Constitution (4), 250 Xp, Nurgle
Scrutiny, 200 Xp, Tzeentch
Psyniscience, 200 Xp, Tzeentch
Weapon Skill, Simple advance (
5), 250 Xp, Unaligned
Weapon Skill, Intermediate advance (10), 500 Xp, Unaligned
Combat Formation, 250 Xp, Tzeentch
Deadeye Shot, 250 Xp, Tzeentch
Intelligence, simple advance ( +5), 250 Xp, Unaligned
Intelligence, Intermediate advance (
10), 500 Xp, Unaligned
Willpower, Expert advance (20), 1,000 Xp, Tzeentch
Ballistic Skill, Trained advance (
15), 750 Xp, Unaligned
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), 200 Xp, Tzeentch
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology), 200 Xp, Tzeentch
Medicae, 200 Xp, Nurgle
Scholastic Lore (Occult), 200 Xp, Unaligned
Orthoproxy, 250 Xp, Unaligned
Cold-Hearted, 250 Xp, Unaligned
Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus), 250 Xp, Unaligned
Total Recall, 250 Xp, Unaligned
Combat Sense, 250 Xp, Unaligned
Technical Knock, 250 Xp, Unaligned
Unshakeable Will, 500 Xp, Nurgle

Total Alignment Advances:
Khorne: 1
Nurgle: 17
Slaanesh: 4
Tzeentch: 16
Unaligned: 25

Current Alignment: Unaligned


Temeluchus was recruited from a barbarian tribe on the Dark Angel recruiting planet of Kimmeria. He was chosen as a teenager to undertake the trials of initiation. The exact day that young Temeluchus took the brand of the double eagle on his arm and boarded a howling Thunderhawk is known only to the chapter serfs, even Temeluchus himself no longer remembers. Regardless of the exact details, it can be safely assumed he was inducted into the Chapter at some time during the Second Founding. Certainly the veterans who trained him spoke often of the Heresy and the preceding Great Crusade as if they had first-hand knowledge of them. Upon becoming a fully fledged Space Marine, his affinity for all things mechanical became readily apparent. The aspirant Temeluchus was then sent to Mars for thirty years of training, where he was taught the lore of the Machine God, how to divine the Runes of Engineering and the Liturgy of Maintenance. Temeluchus quickly mastered the many and various Rites of Activation, a plethora of Hymnals of Maintenance and a multitude of methods of calling forth a machine spirit or placating its wrath. This great body of lore, having been understood and committed to memory, is what Temeluchus brings to the table when interacting with his battle brothers. A great deal of his thirty years of instruction was spent learning each of the many and intricate maintenance rituals and hymns by heart. These rituals have variations to cover every conceivable circumstance in battle. Techmarine Temeluchus prides himself on his ability to “feel” the pain of a damaged machine and heal it. After the completion of his training on Mars, Temeluchus was ordained as a fully-fledged Techmarine and returned to his Chapter whereupon he proudly took his place amongst his brother Techmarines in the Armoury. Despite this, his masters on Mars noted that he took an undue interest in forbidden knowledge, particularly concerning the strictures against ‘intelligent’ or ‘thinking’ machines. He will never admit it but he cannot escape the feeling that perhaps someday his interest in this proscribed knowledge may be his undoing. Having pledged his allegiance to both the Cult Mechanicus and his Chapter, Temeluchus finds himself something of an outsider among his battle-brothers. Knowing that he will never again be fully accepted by his brethren Temeluchus suffers this stigma with dignity and pride, for he knows that his role is essential to the battle-readiness of the Chapter. When duty calls, Temeluchus accompanies his brothers into action, for he is a warrior first and foremost. There, he ministers to sundered vehicles and retrieves prized wargear with a ferocity hitherto unseen by his comrades. Keeping the wargear and fighting vehicles of the Chapter at peak efficiency while being on campaign for months or even years at a time is no easy task, for the wear of battle grinds down even the toughest constructs. It is Temeluchus’s sacred duty to ensure his brethren’s ability to wage war is never diminished. Temeluchus’s Power Armour has been modified to accommodate his cybernetic enhancements and his armour’s backpack has also been upgraded with a servo-arm and various mechadendrites. His armour bears the rust-red colours of the Adeptus Mechanicus, but his Chapter badge has been retained and displayed on the left shoulder guard, so as not to disrespect the armour’s spirit. Mere months after his acceptance into the Tenth Company’s Armoury, the Chapter went renegade. Temeluchus and his battle brothers hardly felt any remorse for betraying an Imperium that meant nothing to them. Their Chapter was all. The demigods who trained and led them were worth following, for their power and greatness, if nothing else. As an Astartes in a Reserve Company, he has served as Armourer for the Void Angels ever since.
 Temeluchus is convinced that his daunting intellect grants him a unique ability to deal with any situation efficiently and effectively. He seems to have found common cause with Apothecarion Israfel by seeking, in the short term, to assist with Israfel’s efforts by keeping the medicae equipment running smoothly and in good repair. Foremost however, Temeluchus’ efforts as Armourer will be directed towards replenishing the sorely depleted Armouriums and Munitorum of the Beautiful Death. His long term ambition is to create his own artificially intelligent war constructs or at the very least, to steal them from the Imperium. So equipped, there will be nothing to stop the Void Angels!


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