Weapon Skill 65 Ballistic Skill 55 Strength 40 Toughness 50 Agility 40 Intelligence 25 Perception 30 Willpower 35 Fellowship 43 Infamy 34 Wounds 20 Corruption 5

Athletics, Awareness, Charm, Command, Common Lore War, Dodge, Forbidden Lore; Adeptus Astates Horus Heresy Long War, Linguistics Low Gothic, Navigation Surface, Operate Aeronautica, Operate Surface, Parry +10, Scholastic Lore Cryptology, Scrutiny.

Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Heightened Senses(hearing, sight), Legion Weapon Training, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance(cold, heat, poisons), Unarmed Warrior, Air of Authority, Sure Strike, Iron Discipline, Swift Attack, Ancient Warrior, Peer (Void Angels), Orthoproxy, Counter Attack, Blademaster, True Grit, Lightning Reflexes, Step Aside.

Amphibious, Unnatural Strength (4), Unnatural Toughness (4), Inspiring Presence.

Legion Power Armor( Osomotic Gill Life Sustainer, Vox Link, Sustainable Power Source, Bio-moniter and Injectors, Enhanced Ceramite)
Mk 4 “Maximus” Armor
Legionnaire Bolt Pistol (1d10+9 PEN 4 Tearing CLIP 8) 4 Magazines
Legionnaire Power Sword (1d10+15E[Min16 Max25] PEN 6 Powerfield, Balanced)
Void Angels Combat Knife “Icepick” (1d10) [Min10 Max19] PEN 2
MultiMelta (2d10+16E PEN 12 M blast 1 CLIP 12) Special double pen at short range 30m

Disgrace: Waste 2Inf -5Wp
Motivation: Violence +5Corruption -3Int
Pride: Martial Prowess +5WS -5Int
_ +05P.____________________________-08P.M.________-05D.___________+02D.

Experience Points Spent
4800 Total (1000+250+350+1200+2000)
500 Swift Attack Starting xp (Khorne)
100 Weapon Skill (simple) Starting xp (unaligned)
100 Ballistic Skill (simple) Starting xp (unaligned)
200 Ancient Warrior Starting xp (unaligned)
100 Operate (aero) Starting xp (unaligned)
100 Agility (simple) (unaligned)
200 Orthoproxy (unaligned)
200 Peer (Void Angels) (unaligned)
250 Weapon Skill (intermediate) (unaligned)
300 Counter Attack (unaligned)
350 Parry (trained +10) (Khorne)
300 Blademaster (Khorne)
400 True Grit (Nurgle)
250 Agility (intermediate)(unaligned)
500 Infamy (simple) (unaligned)
250 Lightning Reflexes (unaligned)
300 Step Aside (unaligned)
400 Total Xp Left



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