Israfel’s armor is white, dunned from years of battle. He bears the full panoply of an Apothecary, from Chainsword to Reductor. His only non-Codex adornments are the dozens of scalps hanging from his power pack.


Weapon Skill: 50
Ballistics Skill: 40
Strength: 50
Toughness: 50
Agility: 40
Intelligence: 45
Perception: 40
Willpower: 50
Fellowship: 55
Infamy: 55
Wounds: 20
Corruption: 21

Aligned to Khorne

Gifts of the Gods
Daemonic Name – Kagilkik

Intimidate, Stealth, Dodge (10), Athletics (20), Awareness, Common Lore: War, Forbidden Lore: Adeptus Astartes, Horus Heresy and the Long War; Linguistics: Low Gothic, Navigate: Surface, Operate: Surface, Parry (10), Medicae (30), Scrutiny, Interrogation, Command (20), Operate: Aeronautica (20)

Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Reload, Disarm, Deadeye Shot, Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Legion Weapon Training, Heightened Senses: Hearing and Sight, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance: Cold, Heat and Poisons, Unarmed Warrior, Flesh Render, Frenzy, Fearless, True Grit, Hatred(Loyal Astartes), Blademaster, Pity the Weak, Battle Rage, Furious Assault, Never Die, Hotshot Pilot, Raptor, Master Chiurgeon, Killing Strike, Combat Master, Street Fighting, Unarmed Master, Swift Attack, Lightning Attack, Mastery (Medicae)

Amphibious Unnatural Strength +4 Unnatural Toughness +4

Legion Bolt Pistol, two magazines, Legion Chainsword, Legion Bolter, four magazines, Legion Combat Knife, one Astartes Frag grenade, one Astartes Krak grenade.

Legion Power Armour,
Active systems: Ceramite Plate, Auto-Senses, Envir-Seal, Mag Boots, Ancient Power Supply, Vox-Comm, Bio-Monitor),

Narthecium, 10 doses Pain Suppressant

Void Angel Plasma Cannon, three plasma canisters

Astartes Powerfist (Best craftsmanship)

Mission gear: power fist, chainsword, bolt pistol, inferno pistol, Apothecary gear, 2 reloads, 1 Krak, 1 frag

Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Betrayal
Motivation: Innovation

XP Log:
15500 xp earned


Flesh Render Talent 200
Frenzy Talent 200
Fearless 300
True Grit 400
Hatred(Loyal Astartes) 300
Blademaster 300
Pity the Weak 200
Athletics +10 200
Command +10 200
Parry +10 200
Medicae +10 350
Operate(Aero) +10 350
Battle Rage 300
Furious Assault 300
Operate(Aero) + 20 500
+10 Toughness 750
Never Die 750
Master Chiurgeon 750
Hotshot Pilot 500
Raptor 250
+10 S 350
+10 WS 750
Killing Strike 300
Combat Master 300

Street Fighting 200
Unarmed Master 300
Swift Attack 300
Lightning Attack 400
Medicae +20 500
Medicae +30 750
Mastery (Medicae) 750
Command +20 400
Athletics +20 400
Fellowship +15. 2250
Available: 250


Apothecary Israfel
Although he scarcely remembers it, Israfel grew up in a feral hunting tribe on the Dark Angel recruiting planet known only as “the plains.” He was chosen as a boy, albeit a boy with 4 scalps hanging from his belt, to undertake the trials of initiation.
Surely some rotting scribe in the bowels of Terra could tell you the exact day the young warrior took the brand of the double eagle on his arm and boarded a howling Thunderhawk, leaving his un-named planet forever. Israfel could not.
He surmises, however, that he was inducted into the Chapter during the Second Founding. Certainly the veterans who trained and led him for centuries spoke often of the Heresy and the preceding Great Crusade as if they had first-hand knowledge of them.
Mere months after his acceptance into the Tenth Company as a Scout, the Chapter went renegade. Israfel and his fellow Scouts hardly felt any remorse for betraying an Imperium that meant nothing to them. The Chapter was all. The demi-gods who trained and led them were worth following, for their power and greatness, if nothing else.
In the years that followed, Israfel butchered his way to survival and induction as a full member of the Chapter. As an Astartes in the Reserve Company, he has served as a Thunderhawk pilot, Land Speeder pilot, Tactical Marine, and was selected for the Apothecarion at the last Chapter muster.
Often sarcastic, fatalistic and cold, Israfel respects bold action above all. Any plan that directly attacks a foe’s weakness will win his approval.
Israfel has found energizing purpose within the ranks of the Apothecarion. He seeks, in the short term, to keep the geneseed pure and to replenish the ranks of the Chapter. His ambition is to make a wide variety of new biological weapons or to steal them from the Imperium. His Chapter so equipped will be invincible!


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