The Void Angels


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Former Chapter Commander: Captain Balbanus

Why was the chapter founded: Horusian sympathizers conspiring in the aftermath of the Heresy
When was the chapter founder: Second Founding
Progenitor: Dark Angels
How pure is your gene seed: No deviation
Demeanor: No Mercy, No Respite
Combat Doctrine: Divide and Conquer
Enemy: Administratum
Ally: Black Legion
Battle Cry: NOW YOU DIE
Rites of Selection: Hunting the Hunter, Survival of the Fittest

Successor Chapter of the I Legion Dark Angels, Second Founding

The Chapter was nominally organized much the same as any I Legion Successor Chapter, with the First Company Veterans forming the Deathwing, the Second Company forming the Ravenwing, and the Chapter’s Battle and Reserve Companies being well-equipped with plasma weapons, void craft and Speeder vehicles.

Just as every other I Legion Successor, the Void Angels were led by an Inner Circle, consisting of Company Captains, the Deathwing and selected Chapter officers.

Unbeknownst to the High Lords of Terra, however, the Chapter’s Inner Circle was drawn entirely from Veterans of the 68th and 70th Companies of the Legion. These Horusian sympathizers had quietly lobbied The Lion for rebellion. Now, with Horus dead, the Chapter was the rotten fruit of the I Legion vine.

The recruits of the Second Founding were from Caliban and The Prairie, while after the Chapter went Renegade it has recruited from dozens of worlds in realspace and the Eye of Terror.

The Void Angels select candidates based on their mental fortitude, cunning and savagery. Their gene code must be pure, as the I Legion geneseed will only flourish in un-mutated stock. As the surprise tactics of the Chapter often require operations in hostile environments, selected Neophytes are typically from Death Worlds or Feral Worlds. Psykers genetically suitable for the geneseed are the exception; such prizes are acquired by any means possible, including trade or even diplomacy.

Divide and Conquer Doctrine

A Codex divergent Doctrine based on psychological warfare, diplomatic manipulation and surprise attacks.
Psychological warfare varies with the target. Terror tactics, propaganda insertions and deception maneuvers entice the foe to cover their weak spots, thus revealing them as targets.
Diplomatic manipulation can be direct or indirect. Direct diplomatic manipulation might include threats or bargaining with the foe. Indirect methods include giving the appearance of negotiation with third parties or accusing the foe of the same.
Surprise attacks are then used once the foe’s weaknesses are revealed and decision-making impaired. The method of attack is chosen for focusing maximum force on the targeted weak point. If the target can expect anything from the Void Angels, it is an attack from an unexpected quarter, at the worst possible time, with a savage tenacity.

Divide and Conquer Advance Table, with xp costs

Charm 100
Charm +10 100
Charm +20 200
Deceive 100
Deceive +10 100
Deceive +20 300
Fearless 300
True Grit 400
Hatred (Loyal Astartes) 300
Blademaster 300


The Void Angels

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