Mk 4 "Maximus" Armor

As the Great Crusade expanded across the galaxy, and the size of the Imperium reached its zenith, a new variant of armor was produced by the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars. The main development of the “Maximus” suit was to abandon the use of abutting plates in favor of large, inflexible armored casings. These were considerably easier to produce and maintain, with only a slight reduction in mobility, and thanks to technology uncovered as the Crusade progressed, were lighter as well as being more effective protection. The helmet was a new design that allowed articulated movement, while retaining an environmental seal.

MK4 Rules

A Space Marine who wears an ancient suit of Mk4 Armor commands the respect of his Battle-Brothers. The wearer gains a Plus 15 Fellowship bonus in any dealing with other Space Marines.

Mark Locations Covered AP kg Enhanced Strength Auto-Senses (Awareness Mod) Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer Pain Suppressant Doses
Mk4 All 7/9 220 Plus 20 Plus 10 Yes 8

Armour: Mk 4 “Maximus” Armor
Pauldrons of Fury: +10 Str
Terror be Thy Friend: Fear (1)
A Fury Like Lightning: +5 Ag, +1 Init
+15 Fellowship with Space Marines

A Fury like lightning: The reactions of the Angels of Death are far beyond what any normal human could achieve. While Astartes power armour manages not to hinder a Battle-Brother’s natural speed, this suit goes to great lengths to enhance and optimise it. The armor’s hyper articulated joint mechanisms allow for more dextrous weight manipulation, and muscle-response auto-readers translate even minute movements into powered assistance. These systems grant the bearer a +5 bonus to Agility, and +1 to Initiative rolls.

Terror be thy friend: Though all suits of power armour are intimidating to say the least, this suit seems to project an air of menace and violence. Its power core periodically emits grumbles that are often confused with the growling of a wild beast. In combat, this turns into a ferocious howl and is truly a paralysing thing to face. Numerous attempts have been made to quiet this phenomena, but Tech-Priests have thus far been unable to appease the temperamental machine. Many bearers enhance this effect by adding terrifying reliquary inlays and scriptures of damnation, causing their impact on the weak souls of their enemies to increase considerably. The wearer gains the Fear (1) Trait against any foe engaged in melee with him (or increases his Fear Rating by 1 if he already possesses one).

Pauldrons of Fury: The shoulder pads of this power armour have been removed and in their place, those from a Mk4 suit have been attached. Though their construction is less effective than later types, they seem to imbue the wearer with righteous fififi re and great strength in his arm. This suit has AP 7 on the arms and grants the occupant a +10 Strength

Mk 4 "Maximus" Armor

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