Compacts of the Order of Infinity

First Compact

The Order of Infinity, being utterly insane and unstoppable, do swear to the Ruinous Powers they and their minions, serf and slaves shall raid the Hethgard system for arms and armor. We shall return these prizes to our claimed system of Xyan.

Second Compact

Primary Objective: The Order of Infinity shall show the Orpheus Salient they alone are masters of life and death by recruiting 30,000 Xyans as serf-crew for their Strike Frigate, Beautiful Death.

Secondary Objective: The Order of Infinity will further their Primary Objective and further Compacts unto the True Gods by establishing a permanent recruiting and training base on Xyan. The harvest of souls and flesh so enabled will show all our power!

Proposed Objectives

Secondary Objective: Destroy the Xenos lair on Xyan, gather captives and intelligence as to origin and numbers.

Secondary Objective: Train Scout Astartes as bridge officers for Beautiful Death. Training will include rotations in Engineerium, on Gun Deck, and on the Flight Deck.

Secondary Objective: Raid Manuxet for supplies and slaves. Priority targets are technomats and Tech-Priests.

Secondary Objective: Develop prototypes and assembly methods for blight and web grenades.

Secondary Objective: Scrutinize ship Serf population for Serf’s with advanced potential. Aptitudes sought: tech, psyker, warrior, cultist.

Secondary Objective: Aspirant 013X combat, operations training and indoctrination regime.

Secondary Objective: Scour planet and system for ship wreckage and survivors.

Next Compact Dated Feb 26, 2016

I, Jophiel, Veteran Sergeant and current Force Commander of the Void Angel’s 7th Company, do hereby swear to the following compact(s).

Primary Compact – To obtain a Fortress Monastery (FM). I, Jophiel, will lead this compact.

In order to take and maintain a FM we will need to accomplish several objectives before completing this compact. As well as decide as a group (the Command Squad) on how we will attain a FM. Below are the compacts we need to complete before finishing the Primary Compact.

Secondary Compact – To trade with the Dark Mechanics of Samech.
This Compact will be led by Brother Temeluchus, who will outline objectives for this mission.

Tertiary Compact – To attain an indeterminate amount of ships for the fleet.
This Compact will be led by Brother Israfel, who will outline objectives for this mission.

Quaternary Compact – Raiding for but not limited to; Slaves, Resources, Initiates, Equipment, Blood, Glory, and Pleasure. Raids can be led by anyone from the Command Squad. We need to complete 4 Raids led by 4 different members of the Command Squad in order to finish this Compact.

Quaternary Compact – To raise a Human Army of indeterminate size(must be a minimum of 10,000) by any means necessary.

It is encouraged that each Member of the Command Squad to make a personal compact.

Jophiel’s personal compact

I, Jophiel, swear to kill 100 Spacemarines in single combat by the end of the Primary Compact.

Pahalia’s personal compact

Train and utilize Astral Chorus/Beacon
Train and utilize the Harbingers of the Angels

Temeluchus’ personal compact

I, Temeluchus, in support of the Quaternary compact, will construct a contingent of Combat Servitors/Combat Automatons of indeterminate size (must be a minimum of 2,000) by any means necessary.

Israfel’s personal compact

Select twenty Aspirants, making all necessary provision for their ascension and train them to Neophyte status.
With fist, blade, blast, and flame, I will slay one million souls.

Compacts of the Order of Infinity

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