Chaos Space Marine

22886 warhammer 40kThe Chaos Space Marines (also known as Traitor Marines, Chaos Marines or Traitor Legionnaires) are counted among the most favored and powerful servants of the Powers of Chaos.


Ten thousand years ago, Horus, Warmaster of the Imperium and most trusted ‘son’ of the Emperor, fell under mysterious circumstances to Chaos. Besides the Space Marine Legion under his direct command, the Sons of Horus, eight of his brother-Primarchs and their legions also joined him in the Horus Heresy against the Emperor.

Only when Horus was slain at the ultimate conflict of the Heresy, the Battle of Terra, was the rebellion broken and the defeated Traitor Legions hounded into the Eye of Terror, which remains both their prison and sanctuary to this day. The Chaos Space Marines have not forgotten their defeat in the Heresy, and for the last ten thousand years have waged the Long War against the Imperium.

Traitor Legions

Technically the Chaos Space Marine Legions are the only Space Marine Legions still in existence, the loyalist Legions having been reformed into self-contained Chapters after the Heresy. Though the Legion remains alive to the Chaos Marines as an identifying concept, in reality all of the Chaos Legions have over time been scattered into separate war bands following rival Chaos Champions. On occasion a highly favoured Champion of Chaos, such as Abaddon, is able to temporarily reunite these Traitor Legions against the Imperium.

The Chaos Marines are said to still be nominally loyal to the dead Warmaster Horus and his clone-sons.

Name Primarch Original homeworld New homeworld Special unit Chaos dedication
Sons of Horus/Black Legion Horus Cthonia None None Chaos Undivided
World Eaters Angron Unknown None Berzerkers Khorne
Thousand Sons Magnus Prospero Planet of the Sorcerers Sorcerers/Rubric Marines Tzeentch
Death Guard Mortarion Barbarus Plague Planet Plague Marines Nurgle
Emperor’s Children Fulgrim Chemos Unclear Noise Marines Slaanesh
Word Bearers Lorgar Colchis Sicarus Dark Apostles Chaos Undivided
Iron Warriors Perturabo Olympia Medrengard Vindicators Chaos Undivided
Alpha Legion Alpharius Unknown Unknown Cultists Unclear
Night Lords Konrad Curze Nostramo unknown Raptors Chaos Undivided
The Void Angels Unknown Unknown Xyan None Chaos Undivided

Chaos Space Marine

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