Have You Seen My Angel?

After our short vacation.....
On Xyan, doing salvage.

Brother Temeluchus is able to determine there is some type of natural interference of auspex and then determined that he cannot reach anyone not in eye sight.

Pahalia tried to sense for psychics and got a weird reaction. She determined that either the entire planet is psychic or the room with the crashed ship is. Thinking on it, she believes someone is messing with her.

Soon, those within the ship find an armory. It is picked over. Then they found another door on the opposite wall. Upon opening it, they found four Dark Angels fuddled over a small pile of weapons. Pahalia used her Bolt of Change and was so powerful in attempt that all four of the Astartes mutated. They instantly vowed themselves to her.

Temeluchus scanned and found a power source near critical mass. He also found three or four life forms working on that power source. Six Adaptus Mechcanicus ended up joining the crew of the Beautiful Death.

The Power Source explodes. Based on cinematographic moment, it was set to explode my the captain of the Dark Angles.

Despite all of this, the Void Angels were able to salvage the following from the wrecked ship:

2 plasma wepon power supplies
10 ammo cans of standard bolter rounds
1 Ares pattern missile launcher
2 missiles
1 stasis grenade
12 frag grenades
3 krak grenades

Post battle game

After ending the battle with the Imperial forces, the group need to finish the terms of the compact.

Narc semmons a deamonette named Nevaeh

Feb 2nd
And the doors open....

….to a squad of Terminator Dark Angels Space Marines (2 Devastators, 2 Assault and 4 Tactical). Brother Temeluchus was able to close the lift doors right away. The Dark Angels fired plasma missiles and created two holes in the closed doors. Jophiel reached thru one of the holes to fire his melta pistol. He hit and did some damage to the assault in front of him. Pahalia used her Compel power to make the same assault to offer up his weapon to Jophiel. The assault did so but his fellow assault gently hit to prevent the lose of the weapon.

Temeluchus was then able to get the lift to go down.

Back on the level they enter on, they find the hall empty. Temeluchus detected a powerful energy source ahead in the hall. Israfel moved forward to investigate and found a shimmering field ahead. The Apothecary fired a plasma rifle and caused the field to drop and exposed a large Lascannon. The Armsmen fired the weapon and Israfel was able to dodge the shot. The shot did do massive damage to the lift just as a terminator landed on the top of the lift.

Jan 12th



The Deathwing of the Dark Angels…

The Attack at Xyan




The Six ships

Inqusitor Tsux Valance

The Omnissiah's servants seldom sleep
The multitude of tasks set for Temeluchus and his servitors

Immediately upon the Thunderhawk carrying the ship’s captain & our Apothecary, Temeluchus directs his energies towards the repir of any hull breaches on the ship. Next in prioritiy wil be the repair of any of the Chapter’s vehicles. (i.e. Thunderhawks, Land Speeders, Land Raiders, etc.) All of this subsumes Temeluchus’ innate desire to become intimately familiar with the suit of Termintor armour that was recovered, with the ulitmate goal of modifying it to his personal form/function so as to replace his aging Legionaire power armour with far better protection. This will of course entail not only fitting his servo-arm to the Terminator armour, but also allow him to exercise his new Armourmonger Talent coupled with his Armourer Skill. At some point Temeluchus will have to spend the requisite amount of time awakening the machine spirits of any and all new vehicles/equipment that have been recovered or re-purposed. All of these tasks will of course be aided by the Techmarine’s two new serfs. (Whose names escape me at this point)

Human Management
Narcissa coordinates the Serfs

218th Marquess Narcissa of IK-459 considers herself to have the greatest expertise on this ship when dealing with humans. She has taken the following actions:
1. Instituted a day vs. night policy with the lights in the serf-levels of the ship.
2. Created a communal area where serfs can gather in the “evenings” after work as the lights slowly go out.
3. This communal area is also used for a weekly gathering after working hours (15 minutes) which is led by Narcissa. She leads a charismatic worship session where she tells stories about the Astartes on the ship and leads a short singing/dancing session, ending with a prayer where all serfs are encouraged to touch each other and chant, “Flesh is a gift. Astartes work the flesh. We embrace the flesh. Indulge in the flesh. Indulge in the flesh.”

Regarding the creation of a priest-caste:
Narcissa will watch the serfs at these sessions and look for those who appear to enjoy themselves. She encourages them into further sensation, exalting the sense of touch and explaining that sex, comfort and physical pleasure is the nightly reward for hard work during the “light hours”. She selects a mated pair (Olivia & Owen) as a priest/priestess and asks them to meet her in the gathering area for worship an additional 30 minutes early each week — she will ensure they are released from work early to help the others through their worship.

Regarding the seduction of Hexagezzad:
Narcissa seduces Hexagezzad the first time by talking to him about how his desires detract focus. Narcissa tells him she can help purge those desires which get in the way of him attaining the next level of perfection in combat. Once she manages to get him alone, Narcissa explains that the best way to purge desires is to experience them to excess. During their first sexual encounter, Narcissa tells Hexagezzad to look around the room and see how much clearer his vision is, how much sharper his sense of smell, his reflexes sharpened. After their encounter, Narcissa points out to Hexagezzad that he will now be able to concentrate so much more as he is no longer distracted by the ever-present lust for her. She says this condition is temporary for now, but she is willing to help him purge the distraction again and again.

Regarding the sacrifice:
Narcissa chooses an off-worship night and dresses in common serf clothes with a hooded cloak and walks around the serf area in the evenings as the lights start to go down. Upon encountering a lone serf, preferably one who is weak, she will approach him or her and offer food, rest and a life away from the Astartes. If the serf takes her up on it, he or she is led back to Narcissa’s room where the serf is bathed, seduced and murdered with a knife (usually in that order) in accordance with the ritual as prescribed to the Demon Lord.

Back to Xyan
Back home...

As the party reach orbit over Xyan, the group forms to a new compact.

A scan of the area around the planet shows no other ships in the part of the sector. A scan of the planet shows all the same except the Imperium training sight, which has been cleaned.

Heading to the planet on Annointed (Thunderhawk)
1 jump pack
1 Plasma Cannon
1 Mult-meta
1Heavy Bolter
Comm equipment

After a rough ride in the attmosphere, they land a

Can we get on board?

The members of the Crusade attempt to board and capture the Deathwatch Apocalypse Class Battleship Divine Pursuit.

Upon achieving orbit over Hethgard, the party encounters two Kraken Class Scout ships that attached themselves to the hull of the The Beautiful Death and insert Genestealers for the party to stop. The genestealers are stop while the scout ships inject acid goo into the ship. The leader of the Scout squad used a plasma gun to stop the spread of the acid, thus saving the weapons battery the acid seemed to be aimed for.

The party listens in on a vox exchange between the Divine Pursuit and member of the Adeptus Mechanicus or AM concerning a location on the planet the Deathwatch wishes to visit call Depth 1281. The party, via the created persona of the ‘Inquisitor’ Narcissa, contact the AM offering them support against the Deathwatch. The AM responds by firing surface to space missiles towards their Thunderhawk but the missiles do not reach the party’s ship and become mines floating in space.

Part 1: Prep for the party
Part 2: Launch the launch
Part 3: How do we get around this place/Daddy’s coming!
Part 4: We want all the toys
Part 5: Escape from the Divine Pursuit

Part 1: Prep for the party
The team along withe Scout unit prepare for the attack on the ship. The preparation includes waking and prepping Capt Balbanus in the Dreadnought.

Part 2: The entire party head over the the Divine Pursuit in a Thunderhawk, looking for a way into the ship.

Part 3: The party work to find both the bridge of the ship and a armory as these spaces are a part of their master plan. The bridge so the can take over the ship and the armory for resupply. All the while they await for the Captain to wake up and notice where he is and where they are not.

Part 4: After a brief fight with some Deathwatch in the halls of the ship, the team finds a large elevator that leads them to an armory. The then fight with a pack of eight Deathwatch terminators, a Deathwatch dreadnought and a squad of Navy Armsmen.


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