Have You Seen My Angel?

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As the party reach orbit over Xyan, the group forms to a new compact.

A scan of the area around the planet shows no other ships in the part of the sector. A scan of the planet shows all the same except the Imperium training sight, which has been cleaned.

Heading to the planet on Annointed (Thunderhawk)
1 jump pack
1 Plasma Cannon
1 Mult-meta
1Heavy Bolter
Comm equipment

After a rough ride in the attmosphere, they land a

Can we get on board?

The members of the Crusade attempt to board and capture the Deathwatch Apocalypse Class Battleship Divine Pursuit.

Upon achieving orbit over Hethgard, the party encounters two Kraken Class Scout ships that attached themselves to the hull of the The Beautiful Death and insert Genestealers for the party to stop. The genestealers are stop while the scout ships inject acid goo into the ship. The leader of the Scout squad used a plasma gun to stop the spread of the acid, thus saving the weapons battery the acid seemed to be aimed for.

The party listens in on a vox exchange between the Divine Pursuit and member of the Adeptus Mechanicus or AM concerning a location on the planet the Deathwatch wishes to visit call Depth 1281. The party, via the created persona of the ‘Inquisitor’ Narcissa, contact the AM offering them support against the Deathwatch. The AM responds by firing surface to space missiles towards their Thunderhawk but the missiles do not reach the party’s ship and become mines floating in space.

Part 1: Prep for the party
Part 2: Launch the launch
Part 3: How do we get around this place/Daddy’s coming!
Part 4: We want all the toys
Part 5: Escape from the Divine Pursuit

Part 1: Prep for the party
The team along withe Scout unit prepare for the attack on the ship. The preparation includes waking and prepping Capt Balbanus in the Dreadnought.

Part 2: The entire party head over the the Divine Pursuit in a Thunderhawk, looking for a way into the ship.

Part 3: The party work to find both the bridge of the ship and a armory as these spaces are a part of their master plan. The bridge so the can take over the ship and the armory for resupply. All the while they await for the Captain to wake up and notice where he is and where they are not.

Part 4: After a brief fight with some Deathwatch in the halls of the ship, the team finds a large elevator that leads them to an armory. The then fight with a pack of eight Deathwatch terminators, a Deathwatch dreadnought and a squad of Navy Armsmen.


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