Mechanicus Servo-Arm

Crushing pincers, useful in combat


250px techmarine3Utilised by the renegade Mechanicus Hereteks, these massive manipulators contain powerful crushing pincers designed for field repairs but also useful in combat as well. Each is integrated into the user’s armour to offset the heavy weight and power requirements. A Servo-Arm can extend up to 1.5m from its shoulder or back mounting and has a fixed Strength value of 75 with Unnatural Strength (7) – the user always uses this, no matter his own Strength or any other factors. The powerful mandibles allow him to lift heavy objects or tether himself to a suitable anchor as a Free Action. Against Imperial foes, a servo-arm is as mighty in battle as it is useful in repairs. The Heretic may strike with it as his Reaction for the round or use it to make a Standard Attack (so long as it is only used once per round). It hits using his Weapon
Skill, dealing 2d10
14 Impact Damage with Pen 10. Exceptional Craftsmanship from Heretek artisans (Best Craftsmanship versions) can improve the model, increasing the Strength to 85 (increasing Damage to 2d10+15) and granting +10 to any Grapple Tests. A Heretic must have the appropriate Mechadendrite Use Talent to operate this implant.


Temeluchus’s Power Armour has been modified to accommodate his cybernetic enhancements and his armour’s backpack has also been upgraded with a servo-arm and various mechadendrites.

Mechanicus Servo-Arm

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