Narcissa's Warrant of Trade

This is Narcissa's hereditary Warrant of Trade she received before heading out beyond the bounds of the Imperium. She carries it on her person at all times.


Warrant of Trade

Be it known that in pursuance of the Will of the Most Beneficent God-Emperor of Mankind, the High Lords of Terra grant this Hereditary Warrant of Trade to

216th Marquessa Narcissa Olenykov of IK-459

On 2-486-290-41m- Anno Domini, by these presents do commission, the private armed Starship Cruiser called the Midnight Pride carry the burden of twenty-five thousand tonnes, owned by Duke Sven Olenykov in the hive city of Duodeni and operated by eighteen thousand, six hundred souls, hereby authorizing Narcissa Olenykov Lord-Captain, and Valio Ghert Astropath Lieutenant of the said Midnight Pride and the other officers and crew thereof to: Subdue, seize and take any armed or unarmed Heretic vessel, world or civilization public or private, which shall be found within the universal limits of the God-Emperor’s eternal dominion.

It is the said Narcissa Olenykov’s right and responsibility to claim whatever worlds, resources or privileges she may obtain in any manner she chooses, together with all the souls and others who shall be found theiren. The said Narcissa Olenykov is further authorized to detain, seize and take all vessels and effects, to whomsoever belonging, which shall be liable thereto according to the law of the Imperium of Man and the rights of the Imperium as a power at war.

Such reclamation may be used at the pleasure of the said Narcissa Olenykov who has been granted the inalienable right to go forth beyond the sacred borders of the Blessed Imperium.

The authority this Warrant grants begins where the Imperium ends.

This Warrant places the bearer as a peer to the great powers of the Imperium, inter alia: Imperial Commanders, Chapter Masters of the Adeptus Aestartes, and the masters of the Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition.

Beyond the extent of imperial rule, the bearer of this Warrant speaks with the voice of the Emperor Himself.

This commission to continue in force and passed through a hereditary line produced by birth or marriage throughout time, the only exception being her crusade has been mandated to begin at the edge of the Jericho Reach.

By Writ of seal of Holy Terra:
Lord Commander Militant
Inquisitorial Seat
Ecclesiarchal Seat
Fabricator General
Master of the Astronomicon
Master of Astra Telepathica


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Narcissa's Warrant of Trade

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