MIU (Mind Impluse Unit)

Implant allowing direct interface with a machine or tech device


Also known as sense-links, these arcane implants allow direct brain interface with a machine or technological device. A basic MIU rig involves a single spinal or cortex connector, while the advanced variant will also include wrist connector probes (and probably mechadendrite connectors) in addition to the flesh plug.
Common models add a +10 bonus to Tech-Use, Pilot or Drive Tests used in conjunction with devices capable of MIU linking.
Poor systems are not properly tuned to the user’s brainwaves and require a successful Willpower Test to use. They impose a -10 penalty when attempting to interface with the device.
Good models, however, are perfectly tuned and the user feels the interfaced devices as if they were parts of their own body, even to specially modified weapons. They grant a +10 bonus to Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry & Weapon Skill Tests when interfaced with MIU systems.


MIU (Mind Impluse Unit)

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