Valio Ghert


Loyalty: 50%

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
05 05 15 15 20 30 30 35 20

Wounds: 2

Common Lore: Imperium
Forbidden Lore: Astropaths
Forbidden Lore: Psykers
Linguistic: Low Gothic
Linguistic: High Gothic

Traits: Blind, Psyker, Soul-bound, Sycophant

Talents: Psy Rating 1, Psyker Power: Thought Sending
Valio can broadcast a short message to a number of individuals (2 per success) or indiscriminately to every creature within range. Victims may resist with a WP test.
(Focus Power Test – +40 Opposed WP test)

Gear: Tattered finery, purple cloak, knife, laspistol

An Astropath (portmanteau of “astro” and “telepath”) is a specially-trained psychic servant of the Imperium belonging to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. Capable of sending and receiving psychic messages across interstellar space, they form the Imperium’s vast communications network, and are vital for keeping its widely scattered worlds connected.

6.22.15 -
Message from Valio:

“Administrative message to the Imperial Penal Administratum:

Hereby accept this as formal notification that the 218th Marquess Narcissa of IK-459, hereditary Rogue Trader has subdued the rebellion from within the Space Marine ranks on the penal planet of Xyan in the Orpheus Salient. This was accomplished through her intense leadership of the last remaining chapter of Dark Angels in the area and undying loyalty and sacrifice of her crew on the “Wrathful”.

Xyan is now secure and ready to accept all level IV traitors to the Empire and above.
Those who hold his traitors will be doubly blessed for sending their flesh to Xyan, where the very land itself gives its glory to The Emperor of Mankind. May you bask in his light.”


Valio Ghert

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