218th Marquess Narcissa of of IK-459

“Commodore Narcissa. I like the sound of that. Please, feel free to fight, but know I plan to rename your ship ‘Narcissa’s Hammer’. You are welcome to stay of course. I have need of many servitors.”

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
30 35 30 30 35 45 35 40 60 46
Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 11
Armour: Mesh Vest – AP4 (body)

Pride – Charm
Disgrace – Greed
Motivation – Dominion

Corruption: 14

Charm (+10)
Command (+10)
Common Lore: Imperial Creed
Common Lore: Jericho Reach
Deceive (+10)
Forbidden Lore: Daemonology (+10)
Forbidden Lore: The Warp
Forbidden Lore: Xenos
Linguistics: Low Gothic
Linguistics: High Gothic
Navigation (Stellar)
Operate (Voidship)
Scholastic Lore: Heraldry
Scholastic Lore: Imperial Warrants
Scholastic Lore: Occult
Trade: Void-farer

Air of Authority – # of targets you can command is = 10x Fel bonus
Radiant Presence – anyone within 20 metres feels euphoria & +10 to resist fear/intimidation
Lesser Minion of Chaos – Blind Psycher
Inspire Wrath – Charm test to grant the effects of a hatred (my choice)
Excessive Wealth – More resources than normal. +10 bonus to infamy with acquisition tests.

Hatred (Daemons) – +10 to WS
Peer (Rogue Traders x2) – +20 to Fel when dealing with Rogue Traders
Total Recall – Int test to have perfect memory of an event
Unshakable Will – Reroll failed WP to avoid fear
Polyglot – innate understanding of all languages – basic conversation possible
Quick and the Dead – +2 to initiative
Weapon Training – Las, Primary

Good las pistol (2 magazines)
Range-30m, RoF-s/2/-, Damage-1D10+2E, Pen-0, Clip-30, Rld-Half, Special-Reliable
Best sword
Melee, Damage-1D10R, Pen-0, Special-Balanced, (Gift of Slaanesh: Envenomed)

Other: Chaos pendant, Unholy tomes, Cameleoline Cloak (+20 to concealment)
Displacer Field (3D10 for number of meters traveled, if all 3 die=the same #, you are lost for 1d5 rounds & 1pt of corruption).

Bodyguards: Harrup & Deahree

XP Log:
150 banked at character creation
+190 (7.29.13)
+350 (8.10.13) =690
-500 (Inspire Wrath – 9.2.13) =190
+100 (GM Whim – 9.2.13) =290
+1200 (9.30.13) =1490
+2000 (10.21.13) =3490

-2000 (Infamy +20) -200 (Deceive +10) -200 (Excessive Wealth) -350 (Fellowship +10) -350 (Demonology +10) -250 (Peer: Rogue Trader 2) (10.24.13) XP Spent = 140 banked.

(4.20.15) +2600 XP + 140 banked = 2740xp.
-750 (Greater Minion: Sister of Battle)
-400 (Talent: Demagogue)
-300 (Talent: Iron Discipline)
-400 (Talent: Into the Jaws of Hell)


Narcissa was a Rogue Trader and Captain of 10,000 individuals aboard a ship handed to her through her family influence. Raised on a Hive world, she was a young and fast-rising leader of a group of hive-gangers. Her family and allied members of the world’s government worked to get her the Warrant in an attempt to get her and her gang off planet.
Her ship, The Wrathful, had sat in space dock for multiple generations and her hive-gang added to the already large crew of individuals who had created a religious cult around the working of the ship. When Narcissa came aboard and commanded the engines to start, she became a central figure of the cult’s mythology.

Using this mythology, she secured complete loyalty of the crew and other inhabitants. The Wrathful explored the depths of uncharted regions and eventually encountered a minor demon who took control of the ship. Narcissa threw rank after rank of ship-soldier at the demon to no avail. Eventually, wading through her ship of blood, she struck a deal with the demon:

Narcissa and her blind astropath, Valio Ghert, were allowed to leave under two conditions:
1. All other souls would be kept by the demon and be condemned to its hell-world for all eternity.
2. Narcissa promised to give the demon 93 more souls.

Since this time, Narcissa and Valio have joined up with the Astartes and crew of the Beautiful Death. She commands the bridge crew and uses her knowledge of the Jericho Reach and the Imperium to further their goals. In exchange, they further her goals as long as she can continue to convince the Astartes it is all in their best interests as well.

Narcissa is personally driven to re-capture her ship by any means possible. In the meantime, her only desires are for her own personal pleasure and luxuries.

218th Marquess Narcissa of of IK-459

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