Have You Seen My Angel?

The Omnissiah's servants seldom sleep

The multitude of tasks set for Temeluchus and his servitors

Immediately upon the Thunderhawk carrying the ship’s captain & our Apothecary, Temeluchus directs his energies towards the repir of any hull breaches on the ship. Next in prioritiy wil be the repair of any of the Chapter’s vehicles. (i.e. Thunderhawks, Land Speeders, Land Raiders, etc.) All of this subsumes Temeluchus’ innate desire to become intimately familiar with the suit of Termintor armour that was recovered, with the ulitmate goal of modifying it to his personal form/function so as to replace his aging Legionaire power armour with far better protection. This will of course entail not only fitting his servo-arm to the Terminator armour, but also allow him to exercise his new Armourmonger Talent coupled with his Armourer Skill. At some point Temeluchus will have to spend the requisite amount of time awakening the machine spirits of any and all new vehicles/equipment that have been recovered or re-purposed. All of these tasks will of course be aided by the Techmarine’s two new serfs. (Whose names escape me at this point)


HPLovecraft ebonseraph63

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