Have You Seen My Angel?

July 27th, 2015

More slaves on Xyan

Brother Temeluchus was able to scan and detect a group of life signs moving from the old exploded ship wreck moving to the destroyer wreck. They launch to attack the group.

At the same time, the demon processed Sister of Battle pykicly reaches out to the Narcissa to inform her that she was successful in her mission to attack and kill the ‘fathers’ of this planet.

Stasis Bomb equals stasis bomb the 20 meter radius

The grenade generates a stasis field with a radius of two meters; it lasts for 1d5 rounds (which the GM should roll and reveal only when it expires). Everything inside this bubble is cut off from the normal flow of time. Anyone and anything inside the affected area does (and perceives) nothing until the field dissipates. Characters outside the stasis field can see the frozen moment but cannot interact with it in any way.

They party starts a fight with the Dark Angels.



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