Have You Seen My Angel?

Human Management

Narcissa coordinates the Serfs

218th Marquess Narcissa of IK-459 considers herself to have the greatest expertise on this ship when dealing with humans. She has taken the following actions:
1. Instituted a day vs. night policy with the lights in the serf-levels of the ship.
2. Created a communal area where serfs can gather in the “evenings” after work as the lights slowly go out.
3. This communal area is also used for a weekly gathering after working hours (15 minutes) which is led by Narcissa. She leads a charismatic worship session where she tells stories about the Astartes on the ship and leads a short singing/dancing session, ending with a prayer where all serfs are encouraged to touch each other and chant, “Flesh is a gift. Astartes work the flesh. We embrace the flesh. Indulge in the flesh. Indulge in the flesh.”

Regarding the creation of a priest-caste:
Narcissa will watch the serfs at these sessions and look for those who appear to enjoy themselves. She encourages them into further sensation, exalting the sense of touch and explaining that sex, comfort and physical pleasure is the nightly reward for hard work during the “light hours”. She selects a mated pair (Olivia & Owen) as a priest/priestess and asks them to meet her in the gathering area for worship an additional 30 minutes early each week — she will ensure they are released from work early to help the others through their worship.

Regarding the seduction of Hexagezzad:
Narcissa seduces Hexagezzad the first time by talking to him about how his desires detract focus. Narcissa tells him she can help purge those desires which get in the way of him attaining the next level of perfection in combat. Once she manages to get him alone, Narcissa explains that the best way to purge desires is to experience them to excess. During their first sexual encounter, Narcissa tells Hexagezzad to look around the room and see how much clearer his vision is, how much sharper his sense of smell, his reflexes sharpened. After their encounter, Narcissa points out to Hexagezzad that he will now be able to concentrate so much more as he is no longer distracted by the ever-present lust for her. She says this condition is temporary for now, but she is willing to help him purge the distraction again and again.

Regarding the sacrifice:
Narcissa chooses an off-worship night and dresses in common serf clothes with a hooded cloak and walks around the serf area in the evenings as the lights start to go down. Upon encountering a lone serf, preferably one who is weak, she will approach him or her and offer food, rest and a life away from the Astartes. If the serf takes her up on it, he or she is led back to Narcissa’s room where the serf is bathed, seduced and murdered with a knife (usually in that order) in accordance with the ritual as prescribed to the Demon Lord.


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