Have You Seen My Angel?


After killing to Astartes standing look out, the team used the Turbo Laser on the Thunderhawk to attack the Destroyer in an effort to create and opening so they can breach the ship. By targeting the Engineering section, they caused the ship to go critical. Temeluchus was forced to pilot the Thunderhawk away to (relative) safety. He took everyone back to the Beautiful Death.

The party headed back to the surface taking the scouts and a single tech-priest with them. On the surface, the group encountered a large group of a couple humans. The party landed and they humans quickly bowed to them. Jophiel ordered they into the Thunderhawk. He and the scouts stepped out with the intent to guarding those left behind as the craft made its first run, however one of the humans had a bomb and detonated it on board, wounding the tech priest and damaging the craft.

Jophiel and the scouts starting checking the other humans to see if any others also had bombs. The ordered the humans to get on the ground, checking each one for explosives. They also interrogated some. Then they lined up everyone and started asking who were the Imperial agents. Quickly those alive started pointing out their neighbors. Jophiel killed them all. Soon, someone pointed out an individual and the individual ran away from the group. Jophiel shot him, causing him to pass out. After reviving the runner, Jophiel was able to get from him that there were many individuals among them ready to serve the Emperor in an effort to stop them.

Israfel became annoyed and proceeded to kill everyone of the remaining humans, stacking the severed skulls in a pile. After completing this task, he attempted to help the tech-priest but failed in his attempt. Hexgezed and Temeluchus came down to collect the thunderhawk and the crew.

During this time, Pahalia was researching a ritual that would summons all living creatures to a single location on the planet. After 9 hours of prep and 9 hours of the actual ritual, another 9 hours saw a large number of humans heading towards the appointed location. Within about 25 hours, the party collected enough individual to fully crew the ship and have a few extras as well.

In addition, the collected 4 lizard creatures wearing armored vests, 14 total individual with psychic abilities, including seven teen aged brothers that all look alike and are the same age.

The also collected a very large amount of six legged creatures that similar to guineas pigs.

The compact has been completed!


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