Have You Seen My Angel?

Feb 2nd

And the doors open....

….to a squad of Terminator Dark Angels Space Marines (2 Devastators, 2 Assault and 4 Tactical). Brother Temeluchus was able to close the lift doors right away. The Dark Angels fired plasma missiles and created two holes in the closed doors. Jophiel reached thru one of the holes to fire his melta pistol. He hit and did some damage to the assault in front of him. Pahalia used her Compel power to make the same assault to offer up his weapon to Jophiel. The assault did so but his fellow assault gently hit to prevent the lose of the weapon.

Temeluchus was then able to get the lift to go down.

Back on the level they enter on, they find the hall empty. Temeluchus detected a powerful energy source ahead in the hall. Israfel moved forward to investigate and found a shimmering field ahead. The Apothecary fired a plasma rifle and caused the field to drop and exposed a large Lascannon. The Armsmen fired the weapon and Israfel was able to dodge the shot. The shot did do massive damage to the lift just as a terminator landed on the top of the lift.


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