Have You Seen My Angel?

After our short vacation.....

On Xyan, doing salvage.

Brother Temeluchus is able to determine there is some type of natural interference of auspex and then determined that he cannot reach anyone not in eye sight.

Pahalia tried to sense for psychics and got a weird reaction. She determined that either the entire planet is psychic or the room with the crashed ship is. Thinking on it, she believes someone is messing with her.

Soon, those within the ship find an armory. It is picked over. Then they found another door on the opposite wall. Upon opening it, they found four Dark Angels fuddled over a small pile of weapons. Pahalia used her Bolt of Change and was so powerful in attempt that all four of the Astartes mutated. They instantly vowed themselves to her.

Temeluchus scanned and found a power source near critical mass. He also found three or four life forms working on that power source. Six Adaptus Mechcanicus ended up joining the crew of the Beautiful Death.

The Power Source explodes. Based on cinematographic moment, it was set to explode my the captain of the Dark Angles.

Despite all of this, the Void Angels were able to salvage the following from the wrecked ship:

2 plasma wepon power supplies
10 ammo cans of standard bolter rounds
1 Ares pattern missile launcher
2 missiles
1 stasis grenade
12 frag grenades
3 krak grenades


HPLovecraft ebonseraph63

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