Have You Seen My Angel?

A lovely fall night

Finishing the fight

The party was able to continue the battle with the Dark Angels squad. After killing a couple more of the squad, the Dark Angels started to teleport out. The static field caused by the tele-porter disrupted the comm and electronics fields around the Void Angels as they fought.

Demon Chic jumped at Israfel as he was attempted to teleport with two of the Dark Angels. This upset Israfel greatly to the point of frenzy. He attacked her and killed her flesh body. This released the demonette which he also killed quickly.

After the last of the Dark Angels has teleported away, the party went looking for where the Dark Angels. They were able to use the static signal to trace the teleportation to the downed destroyer.

They formed a plan of attack to approach the destroyer from the rear and land just behind the command tower. As they approached, the noticed two space marines standing watch. Jophiel fired the turbo-laser and killed both instantly.


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